Monday, August 8, 2011


just to santai²... mase aku blogwalking tadi.. aku terbace pasal blog tu aku dah ttp.. nak bagi kredit pon dah x sempat....

This is really cool .. try it out!

AMAZING: Is his your handphone number?

Try this out… Quite surprisingly that u will be able to find such a genius
could come out with this formula…

Is this your handphone number?

1) key-in the first 3 digits of your handphone number (not 01*) into the calculator

2) multiply by 80

3) add 1

4) multiply by 250

5) plus last four digits of phone number

6) plus last four digits of phone number again

7) minus 250

8) Finally, divide by 2

Is this your handphone number ??? EN LAWOK..CUBE ANG TRY BUAT..DPT TAK?

aku try dapat..kowang lak try...huhuh


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