Monday, June 23, 2008


kaki sape paling buruk?? wakakkak and which 1 yg paling chomel..huhuh. dont answer it..already know...wakakka.

we bought this pair of shoe 2gether @ da same store...but...never plan to wear this shoe, on the same time..wakakak. actually, i haven't wear this for a quite long..and on the nite, i already thought that athy will wearing this too..but maybe not...and guess instinct is really true...i have a six sense..heheh.

we go to the bowl center and play bowling...and..know what???.... athy n fiza is really truly nice and cool player...wif thier a professional player represent Malaysia...hehehe. ( u know wut i mean) huhuhu

Monday, June 16, 2008


on saturday 14/06/08
i went to DAMAK, Jerantutt Pahang with only me and my fiance', to go to his cousin'd wedding, his very close and nice cousin either with me and also with him. His drive all the way from Kajang - Damak. we started our journey from kajang on 10.30 am, and reached there around 1.40 pm. It is almost 3 hours ++ to get there, but felt like its a long...long bump cannot sit properly anymore..cannot 'tahan' anymore..hhuhuhuh. I swear to god...maybe after this, its hard for me to go there, except for some important and emergency reason..huhuh sorry to say this Mie, but its all come from my heart...honest and sincere...huhuhu. I just knew that my feance's cousin name is not 'mie' which is the name that i've always call, but his name is 'ismail'...what a huge different between these two?? can my fiance' call him 'mie'??? or maybe his also don't know actually what was his cousin name?? huhuhu then call him anything that he likes...wuteva...huhuhuh

His future wife (not a future wife anymore, wife currently) name is Melly, im not sure what her full name is, but people do call her Melly. she's from SABAH... A SABAHAN....maybe after this, i will have a good place to stay in sabah if i wanna go there..huhuhu.

But on my way to Damak...there a lot..a lot of beautiful view and scenery that i enjoyed...there are so trees, kampung house and the most interesting is...a palace that still on construction... there is 4 storeys of a huge house that we can consider as a an 'Hindustan' house...who's actually owned this beautiful house?? i couldn't managed to get the picture of this house..but i do remember it..huhuh.. nice...and very2 beautiful house...huhuhh. wish that i get 1 also..huhuh, maybe (hope so)

Friday, June 13, 2008


What a bad day today….my Friday is totally ruined by my own sister… if I know this thing will happen and starting my day with NO MOOD at all, I rather not to going to work and continue my sleep than facing all this SHIT thing just because of 1 shirt!!!!. Sometimes I feel that she doesn’t respect me at all as her very own elder sister. Treated me like her enemy, like HELL…this situation happen since she’s in college…only a few steps from my University…maybe starting this age she feels like she doesn’t have to follow what the elders said, she has her very own life, do whatever she wanna do, her very own friends!!! Then…nobody can enter to her life..not even our parents!!! What happen to u actually huh??? always talk to me while yelling…even in front of our parents…but they just keep quiet.. Maybe they are getting old and don’t want to make things bigger than it suppose to.. some more...'umi' always backing U matter what... U suppose to thank to GOD!! I do understand that…but sometimes…I think that my parents have to do something about her behave…because these things are not only happen to me, but also to my elder sister like angah…uda… I don’t know what to say…my heart devastated on her behave… what a DAMN F_ _ K!!! only GOD knows everything… I’m always suffer for her…just to see that she will let she got whatever she dream matter what!!even i have to ignore my!!! But…what I get from those sacrifices?? Pain?? Frustrated?? Sad?? And some more bad feelings… and addition SOME MORE STUPID THINGS!!!

I just want to remind you here that, I’m going to have my very own family soon!!!….don’t you ever think that I will stay the same like this forever…because people change, OK?? U GOT THAT??…especially when their environment are totally change, 100% DIFFERENT!!. Looks like I make mistake by treated you like a DAMN PRINCESS!!! I will change my attitude after this, even I know that this is very DAMN late to give U lesson and teach U how to RESPECT others, especially elders!!!!! Don’t make thing worst…I will do beyond your thought if I had to!

This is not a warn…and also not to intimidate you!! But…what can I say here..I am ur SISTER, UR ELDER SISTER…!!! understood??.U has the brain rite??? Very-very brilliant brain??? So use it and think!!! Don’t make people thought U the other way… “HAVE NO BRAIN!!”

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Today...feels like a bomb inside my head..and its countdown to explode....ARHGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! Pain killer!!! where are u???!!!!! decides not doing further of my project.... maybe after lunch im gonna be okay...

actualy, today i had an interview on 2pm at the above company located in jln ampang...but i've called their human capital (HR) to postpone and reschedule the interview session. im not aspect that they'll agree upon my request..but since i have a good and fact they believe and understand my situation..the human capital officer is very nice...hope to see her and thank her for reschedule my interview.

i can see my application status on Jobstreet for this position. there are a lot of candidates taken into consideration....hurmmmm looks like i have to compete with others....will i survive?? just wait n c...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2nd Cat3r!ng....

as i promised b4....i will upload the new wedding gate designed by me....heheh this is i've mentioned to fariza....hehehhe so how?? this is my hand made...not copy paste from internet how is it guys??? nice?? interesting?? so... for those who r attracted and interested with my design..and want to rent this wedding gate...just hit me here....and i'll give a quick reply, the fabrick color's could be change, follow ur own ceremony's theme...huhuh starting my bisnes here....huhuhu. actually this is not is belong to my elder sister..seems she has a catering company...especially for she bought this 1 for her own and also for future and bisnes use....

so here is the picture of the wedding hall...decorated and designed by me and my sister...actually im not really creative compared to my sweet 17 years old niece... Izzaty...she got da skill, talents and also creativity that we think would have a bright future if given the opportunity and time also right and good guidance to her...

Meal for the groom and bride....this is 100% touched by my elder sister "angah" and also her daughter "izzaty"...they are such a creative family...i am really impressed on what they have done....also my mom..because she do not even know that her daughter and her grand children can make all these things as an experts did.... congrates....congrates....looks like after this...i can save my money... just ask my sister n my niece to do it for me, rather than ask someone to make all this stuff and with expensive charge....huhuuh. tq....tq....

this wedding held on saturday....@ pusat islam's hall..KL...and the most interesting part is..when i step into the building...i can see my name written on banners, posters and even on the wall...without waiting the bride to comes...i'm walking on the red carpet while others watching my footstep...huhuhuhu....what a coincidence?? the bride name's is same like my....hehehe 'mastura'... dont believe it?? i'll prove it to u...

Here's the 5 kgs cake that we provide as a gift to the bride...just a simple cake ordered to the nearest cake house...actually "izzaty" can make cake also...but she couldn't managed to handle so many we just bought it from "New Zealand"...hehehe is it the real New Zealand?? huhuhuh

Nice, elegant and smart containers, worth RM450 sister bought 10, exclusively for her customers...:p

Another story besfren gave me a message..she wants to sleep @ my home.. but, i just realize her msg after the wedding ceremony almost end...hehehe. sorry olin....hope u helping my sister on weekend...just help her to build up her new Olin have to spent her time with her doctor.. the same question is repeat, "is it the real doctor olin?" huhuh, i dont want to mention the doctor's name..huhuhu. she came here for 3 interviews....on friday, monday and teusday...i wish u good luck...all the best and u can do it..just believe that if there is a fact that ur destiny on that company, accept the offer...and if there is not...dont have to feel down, demotivated and feels that u r unlucky person... keep in mind that maybe it is not ur luck or 'rezeki'...ok?? :p

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


on last weekend...uda dpt catering order from her friend...hafiz...which is my senior @ samten dl...hehehe...jumpa plak balik..but i couldn't remember his face actually...well, how could i remember him??...we r in different batch.. this is the first wedding ever fully handle by uda..before this...she just helps her company to managed wedding ceremony..some preparation...but now...she tried to build her very own company named (HAZLIN FOOD AND CATERING). so after this...if there are among of you guys...plan to marry or maybe some other not hesitate to contact me... and prize will be absolutely reasonable.

aku plak just fully tolong buat pintu gerbang pengantin ni...but this one is not my hand copy paste dr google je..heheh. lupa nak amik week ade lg 1 wedding...and aku akan upload kan gambar pint gerbang yg aku buat...heheheh.

after the wedding...we just go home...tiredly and while in the bed and pillow is the only thing inside my mind....and once we reached home... terus masuk bilik.... and..COLLAPSE!!!

during my wedding soon...nobody can claim to me that i don't know how tired they are to managed and help my wedding day..becoz..i already feel it!!! i lost 2 kg!! wakakakak