Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Pretty 1st Anniversary!!

lebih kurang je pose dgn gmbr kartun..hehehhe

Today is a very special day to me, instead of the first day of RAMADHAN I have another reason to say it is SPECIAL!

My 1st Anniversay!!!!!!!!!! (23/08/2009)
What does wedding anniversary mean to you?? [for those who are not related to this question, don't you dare to answer it ok??? especially all MUNYITSS!!!]

Anniversary means a lot to me, it has its own value, "sentimental value". Why do i use that words?? ofcoz it is because this is our anniversary [only ME & HUBBY!]....after all horrible things happened one after another, day after day we are stil HUSBAND & WIFE! and hope it will be last forever! amin....~~~~


Imagine that today is 2008 and it was Thursday. I still remember where today in 2008 i was in PUTRAJAYA to do my job as an ordered. I couldn't give 100% of commitment and concentration on the training session...

MY WEDDING! that's only in my mind!. There were so many questions bumps and hit me 'till i cannot answer any single question....this is the biggest moment in my life that i have to face and this is also the biggest decision that i have to make! like it or not...THIS IS IT! [mcm tajuk konsert arwah MJ yg x jd plak...hohoho]

INSIDE MY HEAD...talking to myself! [this is still me in 2008 ok??] "1. Mastura!!! you still have time to surrender and stop all this BULLSHIT things!!!, the wedding must OFF!!! all you have to do is just talk to your parents and everything will change! they will understand you...and they will never ever blame you to do this!. Just tell them that you are not ready to become a wife!!".... [don't you think that this is tooooo mucccchhhh and rediculus!! am I out of my mind??? tp aku bgtau nie...nilah sebenarnye yg aku rase hari ni pd thn 2008...hohoho] ~~nilah akibatnye byk tgk citer hindustan dek non!!! muahahah

"2. Just make the long story short Mastura!, rather than talk to your parents (that might be brings another problem) why don't you just runaway! [again...byk sgt tgk citer hindustan...].

INSIDE MY MIND [ni maybe malaikat kot mase tu...hohoho]
how about my parents?? my family?? they have to face what i have done by them self?? alone?? this is unfair!! where do they have to put their face?? their dignity??? the bride which is their VERY OWN DAUGHTER had runaway from the wedding?? just because that she is not ready??? this is VERY2 stupid and unacceptable reason ever!"

"3. Is his a right man for me??, Am i right of choosing a husband?? Am I qualified and fit for him and on the other hand?? Is there is NO other BETTER man than i ought to consider?? How my life will be?? Is this a PERFECT choice?? "

More and more question inside...come and go without answer [even i want to answer all those questions...but i just couldn't, oh GOD!! i give all my life to YOU!! please help me!!] ~~ mase ni aku takut giler...rase cam x sanggup je nak lalui sume tu....

BUT..........PADA HARI INI!!!!!!! aku dpt jawapan aku!
I don't know either he is the right man or not...but i'm 100% sure that he always trying to be a perfect man for his wife... [lucky his wife!! wakakak] and I very sure that he loves me as much as i love him..

With add to that, I do believe that if the answer is "Yes, I'm wrong" ---->it is all because of me. All this while, I can see that my hubby always trying to admit and accept his wrong doing as compared to me [namapon stonehead kan...]. Hubby is easily get 'hot' and also very easy to get 'cool'. This make us balance and maintain our relationship 'till today [hope forever...].

Another thing is that, there is no specific qualification to ensure either your future husband or wives really suites you or not, what u need to do is just look deeper inside you, and asked yourself “are you qualified for your partner?” Why? If its not, what you have to do to make you live together?? To make you suite together?? Found out the answer!!

Don't asked for better person!!! otherwise, always asked yourself “Do you better than other girls??”. What does it make your man of choosing you as his life partner instead of others?? Do you better enough to get better partner? [Think wisely….]

Always refer to this words.. “NOBODY IS PERFECT!” [you just got the answer dude]

Ni sume jd kat aku thn lepas…sume2 soklan yg aku tanye kat diri aku sume tu mase aku x kawen lagi…

BUT TODAY….aku x rase yg aku slh….i don’t think sofighting, sulking and other feels are normal in a partner lifelive as a couple for a year it’s not enough for me to judge everything..

But one thing that I want to share…

it was really happy, easy and peaceful become a today’s wife …

the most important thing is that, tolerancy, communication, sharing, love..between me and my hubby have to be top up more and more..

I would like to share my gratitude and thanks especially to my HUSBAND, FAMILY, and FRIENDS for their support, guidiance and advise ~~


Aku dpt NIE!!!!!

a BONIA hand bag

price?? biarlah rahsia...huhuhuh [cari sendiri kat parkson]... mulanya aku pilih yg hubby yg pilih nie..dia ckp sbb ade huruf 'B' [sbb dia panggil aku 'B'...~~carilah maksud nye sendiri..hohohoh]. Janji nk pakai biler dah beli...hohohoh janji tinggal janji je la...[xsempat pose aku dah pakai!]

But aku yg xtau nk belikan ape tuk hubby...hurm...maybe baju raya... jeans ker...kalo bonus masuk b4 raya nie...blh la aku rembat Levi's tuk hubby...if not... Lee je sudah...muahahahah


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