Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Wedding & Enggagement day to you...

Last weekend i have two important ceremony to attend...1 at Hulu Langat for Ain & Beloved Husband wedding and another 1 is Zai engagement with her beloved fiance' zul. Hope Ain and her hubby will be together ever after and happy always... for Zai and Zul..don't make this relationship too long..try to make it short and end its with marriage..i will be pray for you and hope you'll be together at last.
Last weekend also i have to look after my nephew (abg long) and my niece (eiya) since their parents went to Penang with my mom and dad... i don't know where to go.. looking on their bored faces...me and hubby decided to go to Putrajaya to swim together...[pakcik yang lebih dr anak buah...muahahahh].

I got a bracelet specially form Sabah from kak ira... thank you so much deary sis... and also very happy engagement day to you... hope it will end with marriage and you'll be together ever after with the luv one.


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