Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is it so hard to understand how i feel?

picture is representing my feeling

How and what i can's all beyond my control...i cannot ask somebody who gets the power over than me to follow my order or to complete my wishes...somebody who have the authority to conquer my world and myself...beside the Almighty, there is somebody have all these power.

What can i do then?? the biggest thing is..tell somebody..share with them all these problems, i do not need money..i do not need help..i just need someone who can lend me their ears and mind to give me some advices that maybe will brings a little light in my life right now. - Thanks to that know who you are.

Here a question for you guys [those who read my blog] from the below picture... tell me which one is more important for you to choose?? is it to fix the water tank... or to continue some major operation that will ensure your life after this...give me a realistic and justify your answer.


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