Thursday, January 29, 2009

Balik Kampung.....

This time I start my post by wishing all the Chinese.... A VERY VERY HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR.

As usual...even before I'm married, my husband will have a long rest on Chinese new he use this opportunity to back to his hometown to visit his beloved mom, a little brother and sister. It's been a long time he didn't see his family because of time constraints (working) and his new commitment [now he has a wife which is me..huhuh], so he cannot simply go to his hometown without planing it first.
eventho we just married around 6 months, but i know my mom in law since we've been a couple few years it's not a new thing for me to live under one roof with his mom...thank god that i got a very open minded mom in law and very simple in all aspect..she didn't aspect too much from me... didn't ask me to do this and that...i can do whatever i wanna do and vice versa, stay with her make me feel comfort and feel so much similar like staying with my mom...[I'm not praising her here but this is the truth...for this time and hope for forever]

Disinilah teratak ibu mertuaku...huhuhu

Not many activity during this holiday...we just go to Pantai Sri Tujuh again [been there during my wedding] and playing with waves [dank our feet].. while i just relax with my mom and hubby under the tree..[look after his younger sister and brother also my niece that i brought together]. Then, have a bit shopping @ pasar, bought some keropok and 'ole-ole' for my neighbor [kak zah sebelah umah yg slalu bg nasi lemak berlauk dkt hubby aku dgn harga RM1 huhuh], nothing special except the clothes that i bought for ieya, aini, ayish n ija...[sowi yg lain xde..pokai la ateh..huhuh], maybe next time ateh beli..doakan ateh kaya k?? if x kaya pon blh la stakat nk blanje kowang cendol...heheheh


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