Friday, June 13, 2008


What a bad day today….my Friday is totally ruined by my own sister… if I know this thing will happen and starting my day with NO MOOD at all, I rather not to going to work and continue my sleep than facing all this SHIT thing just because of 1 shirt!!!!. Sometimes I feel that she doesn’t respect me at all as her very own elder sister. Treated me like her enemy, like HELL…this situation happen since she’s in college…only a few steps from my University…maybe starting this age she feels like she doesn’t have to follow what the elders said, she has her very own life, do whatever she wanna do, her very own friends!!! Then…nobody can enter to her life..not even our parents!!! What happen to u actually huh??? always talk to me while yelling…even in front of our parents…but they just keep quiet.. Maybe they are getting old and don’t want to make things bigger than it suppose to.. some more...'umi' always backing U matter what... U suppose to thank to GOD!! I do understand that…but sometimes…I think that my parents have to do something about her behave…because these things are not only happen to me, but also to my elder sister like angah…uda… I don’t know what to say…my heart devastated on her behave… what a DAMN F_ _ K!!! only GOD knows everything… I’m always suffer for her…just to see that she will let she got whatever she dream matter what!!even i have to ignore my!!! But…what I get from those sacrifices?? Pain?? Frustrated?? Sad?? And some more bad feelings… and addition SOME MORE STUPID THINGS!!!

I just want to remind you here that, I’m going to have my very own family soon!!!….don’t you ever think that I will stay the same like this forever…because people change, OK?? U GOT THAT??…especially when their environment are totally change, 100% DIFFERENT!!. Looks like I make mistake by treated you like a DAMN PRINCESS!!! I will change my attitude after this, even I know that this is very DAMN late to give U lesson and teach U how to RESPECT others, especially elders!!!!! Don’t make thing worst…I will do beyond your thought if I had to!

This is not a warn…and also not to intimidate you!! But…what can I say here..I am ur SISTER, UR ELDER SISTER…!!! understood??.U has the brain rite??? Very-very brilliant brain??? So use it and think!!! Don’t make people thought U the other way… “HAVE NO BRAIN!!”

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