Monday, June 16, 2008


on saturday 14/06/08
i went to DAMAK, Jerantutt Pahang with only me and my fiance', to go to his cousin'd wedding, his very close and nice cousin either with me and also with him. His drive all the way from Kajang - Damak. we started our journey from kajang on 10.30 am, and reached there around 1.40 pm. It is almost 3 hours ++ to get there, but felt like its a long...long bump cannot sit properly anymore..cannot 'tahan' anymore..hhuhuhuh. I swear to god...maybe after this, its hard for me to go there, except for some important and emergency reason..huhuh sorry to say this Mie, but its all come from my heart...honest and sincere...huhuhu. I just knew that my feance's cousin name is not 'mie' which is the name that i've always call, but his name is 'ismail'...what a huge different between these two?? can my fiance' call him 'mie'??? or maybe his also don't know actually what was his cousin name?? huhuhu then call him anything that he likes...wuteva...huhuhuh

His future wife (not a future wife anymore, wife currently) name is Melly, im not sure what her full name is, but people do call her Melly. she's from SABAH... A SABAHAN....maybe after this, i will have a good place to stay in sabah if i wanna go there..huhuhu.

But on my way to Damak...there a lot..a lot of beautiful view and scenery that i enjoyed...there are so trees, kampung house and the most interesting is...a palace that still on construction... there is 4 storeys of a huge house that we can consider as a an 'Hindustan' house...who's actually owned this beautiful house?? i couldn't managed to get the picture of this house..but i do remember it..huhuh.. nice...and very2 beautiful house...huhuhh. wish that i get 1 also..huhuh, maybe (hope so)

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