Tuesday, November 25, 2008

s0metimes..i hate technology!!

tag tag tag.....sometimes i hate new technology even it is really helpful...why?? because i hate the consequences of it's error...even i'm one of the person on earth who's develop systems...i stil hate it for some reason... the reason is...when the error is happen to me!!! my RM40 is gone with the wind!!!
even that's not really my money [my husband topup for me], but i do feel lose and mad with it!!!

Here the story is...last sunday, a friend of mine had weding in sepang [there's the picture]... then, we go together and ride my car...to enjoy the journey, we all went with only two cars, which is mine n umi's car...[others want to save cost...by the way it is end of month already..'pokai' time and save my cost also..heheh]

on the way back home...as usual...we choose to use hiway for convenient and fast journey [also avoid a traffic jam] compared to ordinary road.. i choose smart tag lane..but it's a bit weird when the 'beep beep' sound doesn't heared.... then, munira said...'why there is no 'beep beep' sound??', i really confident that maybe we did not hear the sound or it's tag for IN only..not to deduct any amount yet [only deduct when we OUT from the hiway] that's why we didn't hear any sound [a very hi confident level]. Suddenly, after 2 or 3 minutes, i look at the smart tag holder..."oh no!!! there is no smart tag device there!! it's only the holder!!" [the smart tag device is actually inside the arm rest box, i'm always take it off before i leave my car for security reason]. i cannot turn back!! there is no u turn at the middle of hiway...:(

At this moment...many questions across my mind...
"how could i go out from this hiway??"
"what's are the penalty waiting me at kajang exit??"
"what is the toll attendant will fine me there??"
"am i will be arrested?? will be jail??"
"why is the gate open?? there is no other car behind me..!!"
all these question were inside my mind...until i'm reached the Kajang exit... i just go straight to a manual lane..i choose the very first lane...[hoping that the toll attendant will release me and let me go without any fine or maybe any punishment!!, seems like i do something really bad...and it is my fault!! but...this is not my fault isn't it??, why is the gate open?? looks like the RFID are tagging me..am i rite??].I told the very true story to the toll attendant [i'm a honest person, heheh.. actually, I don't even know how to lie when it's come to a serious matter like this] and the person cannot help me...she said that she only have 2 ways to get me out of this ugly stupid blody hiway..but wutever the way is...i still have to pay RM 39.90..i pay this as a fine!!
doesn't it looks like that im guilty??? why do i have to pay the fine?? i think...if the gate is not open at the very beginning [surely i will realise the smart tag device is not there...rite??], all these will not happen at all...never!!....

before i forget.... a very happy wedding day to Hajar and her beloved husband Khairul [same name with my hubby]...hope you will be together ever after.


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