Friday, July 24, 2009

Zimbra Desktop in Time Management Class (JUST TO SHARE)

Hi u know about Yahoo Zimbra?? maybe some of u do..but some not and not even know what's its all about.. or maybe some of u dah expert pon...[kire aku gak la yag ketinggalan ni...hohoho]. Honestly speaking...i just knew it...adelah dlm sebulan...and next week i have to teach a subject using this application. so i have to explore and be familiar with it so i can answer any question related. ~harap2 camtulah...sume bos2 je kali ni kan....

Just try this application and i'm 120% sure that u'll luv it! especially for those have 2 or more e-mail account. this application allow you to sign in all of your e-mail account concurrently. what u have to do is just install it, register all ur e-mail account on it and THAT ITS! DONE!. only a single click, u manage to check all ur e-mail account and no need to type in ur username and password again and again!. mmg best gilak!!!! aku dah la jarang bkk gmail aku leh check emal aku everyday....dah la ade 4 emel..hohoho..sume penting2....and this is the best solution!
there are lot more application similar to this 1....but..aku gune ni la...hohoho

MODULE SWISH MAX2 aku dah siap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~huh lega....
During my study aku amik IS...system...system...system...but when it's come to work! I AM A MULTIMEDIA SPECIALIST!!!! (setiap org ade pengkhususan dia..and this is my scope) wakakakkak...~haih...camne nie?? habis la php aku...hhohoho

even aku ade gak kelas ajar buat web using dreamweaver and have to work with code, but its more to html code...php skit2 jer...when needed....

specialist tuk system kat sni dah ade org pgg...but every year dia akan bg org lain yg pgg...sbb nk terapkan nilai "multiskill" katanya...huhuhuh.


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