Monday, June 8, 2009

Asas Pembangunan Multimedia

Tamat sudah kelas aku... this is my very 1st clas.... heheheh. Thanks to all the participants and my boss Siti Fatimah Sajadi (partner aku mase kursus ni) for all their effort and lessons... well..i'm new in this area....

The good things will be my future reference's and the bad things I'll throw far far away.. looks like everything are going fine and well...(base on rating yg aku dpt la...but sometimes...people do not be honest during the assessment..they think that this is not important..but actually..this is most critical part for lecturers nowadays.... )
(this is the percentage of my class.. looks like i have to improve the way i'm teaching and also the content of the subject itself)
(1 for bad...5 for good)

Tgk la...bos cam biaselah kan..otai... result bos..bgs je..mesti byk dpt 5...hehehe
I hope that the participants can adapt what they have learn in my class and use it on their jobs...which is applicable...(this is the list of participants....come from various background and everywhere in Malaysia)

Minggu ni plak i have another class which is "Asas Komputer & Aplikasi", this is not suppose to be my class... but we got a very good responds from the corporators and because of that we ought to split the class into 2...that's why i got class for this entire week...

p/s: aku rase bz sgt with my new aku suke and happy... dl pon happy gak... tp biaselah..ade yg lebih ade yg kurang... but aku rindu UTM yang slalu tgl kan aku tu...huhuh (even sebelah dorang mmg! kacang lupakan kulit! waakkakaak) -aku bkn kacang... sape plak kulit?? kak ira?? tu bkn kulit..tu daging...kak not maybe...wakakak kak nora??? tulang n lemak nye..muahahah



Sharifah Norashikin said...

wehhhh puan mas, not bad aaaa utk first class, baguih... baguih... saper kacang??? saper kulit nie??? amboi2 saper tinggalkan saper nihhhh????

Mask-roll said...

wakakakak...kulitt u kak not..nape akak terase??? akak kan daging...muahahahah