Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My First Class

Next Monday will be the memorable moment ever...i'll conduct my 1st class. Actually this class is supposely not belong to me...however due to some reason, i have to.. [saya yang menurut perintah ]. But, i'm sure there is silver lining. By the way, this is quit easy subject to learn (windows movie maker ) and i hope that all the participants will understand and accept the way i teach. I don't have any different mathod or teaching instrument compared to other lecturers here..but from time to time, i will improve my teaching skill, and so on.. [base on the feedback that will receive after the course conducted]. Really hope that it will be smooth and enjoy class .

Here the module for those wants the softcopy for your future references
Modul 1 - PENGENALAN MODUL2 edit.doc
MODUL3 edit.doc MODUL4 edit.doc
modul 5 edit.doc JADUAL

and also the clip sample [will be use in the class]

sample clips

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