Saturday, July 26, 2008

Th3 R3al L!f3 Work!ng Started!!

hai guys...seems long time not update my blog...look likes somebody missing my writing here...(see the chat box..:))..ofcoz becoz i'm really bz to accomplish my work and with my personal life... there so many things that i left to tell you here, starting from my trip to kelantan with my bestfren ckin... will upload the picture soon.. just for first trip with ckin....all the way from KL-Kelantan by flight...ckin so excited bcoz there have been so long she's not board the flight... when the flight landed, it makes her almost pee....(dihujung tanduk..)heheheh , by the way...she's not...

then, im quiet bz to develop the system assigned to me... (SISTEM ADUAN PELANGGAN). this system is use internally, will be install in our kiosk very soon. so anybody want to be my user?? please do so, come here and have experienced!! heheh. everyday will have a meeting, discussion and so on....when can i finish my work??? huhuh. who says that working with government is rilex and nothing to do!!?? not in IT unit... there are no 'rilex, rest' and some other words exists in out department...not at all..huhuhuh. but i do like my job here.. with all kakak2 that very nice to me...especially kak amy, kak nora n kak norehan... they help me a lot.. and will miss kak nora n kak norehan soon (kak nora cuti givebirth for 2 months and kak norehan will take an mc for some major operation...hope both of u will come back soon and health!..amin..may god bless both of u..)

will write more stories after this... sorry if my blog were so boring lately...there is no updated version..huhu.

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